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Board Members

The Hormel Foundation Board Members

The Hormel Foundation Board of Directors

4th row, left to right: Joey M-H Page, Richard R. Pavek, Thomas J. Dankert, James P. Snee

3rd row, left to right: Nitaya C. Jandragholica, Randall J. Kramer, Roland G. Genzler, Larry J. Pfeil (past board member), Mark R. Ciota

2nd row, left to right: Molly S. Lanke, Jeffrey M. Ettinger (currently on a leave of absence), Diane B. Baker, Steven T. Rizzi, Jeffrey L. Strickler

1st row, left to right: Gema Alvarado-Guerrero (past board member), Michelle M. King, Bonnie B. Rietz, Adenuga Atewologun (past board member)

Not pictured: Jon W. Erichson, Sara Y. Salas-Ramirez, Kathleen L. Linaker

The Hormel Foundation Executive Committee

From left to right: Roland G. Gentzler, Acting Vice Chair and Treasurer, Bonnie B. Rietz, Acting Chair, Steven T. Rizzi, Secretary 

Jeffrey M. Ettinger (currently on a leave of absence)
Former Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
Hormel Foods Corporation 
Director since 12/18/2006
Bonnie B. Rietz, Acting Chair
Former Mayor of the City of Austin
Vice Chair since 12/13/2011
Director since 4/22/2008
Roland G. Gentzler, Acting Vice Chair, Treasurer
Former Vice President of Finance and Treasurer
Hormel Foods Corporation
Treasurer since 06/30/2017
Director since 06/30/2017
Steven T. Rizzi, Jr., Secretary
Adams, Rizzi & Sween P.A.
Secretary since 12/9/1998
Director since 12/9/1998

Diane B. Baker
Executive Director of the YMCA of Austin
Director since 6/18/2014
Mark R. Ciota, M.D.
Mayo Clinic Health Systems - Albert Lea and Austin
Director since 7/9/2012
Robert Clarke, Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.Biol., F.R.S.Chem., F.R.S.Med. (U.K.)*
Executive Director of The Hormel Institute
Director since 10/21/2020
Thomas J. Dankert
Finance Director for the City of Austin
Director since 12/11/2013
Jon W. Erichson
Former City Engineer / Public Works Director, City of Austin
Director since 6/1/2023
Nitaya C. Jandragholica
Cultural Liaison and Spanish Interpreter for Mower County
Director since 12/08/2021
Michelle M. King
Baudler, Maus, Forman & King, LLP
Director since 8/15/2018
Randall J. Kramer
Certified Financial Planner
Director since 12/09/2014
Molly S. Lanke
Executive Director, The United Way of Mower County
Director since 8/21/2019
Kathleen Linaker, Ph.D.
President, Riverland Community College
Director Since 8/23/2023
Joey M-H Page, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Austin Public Schools
Director since 08/18/2021
Richard R. Pavek
Executive Director, Cedar Valley Services, Inc.
Director since 12/09/2014
Sara Y. Salas-Ramirez
Executive Director, Parenting Resource Center, Inc.
Director since 1/31/23
James P. Snee
Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
Hormel Foods Corporation
Director since 7/14/2018
Jeffrey L. Strickler
Commanding Officer, The Salvation Army of Austin
Director since 1/31/2019