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Board Members

The Hormel Foundation Board Members

The Hormel Foundation Board of Directors

4th row, left to right: Joey M-H Page, Richard R. Pavek, Thomas J. Dankert, James P. Snee

3rd row, left to right: Nitaya C. Jandragholica, Randall J. Kramer, Roland G. Genzler, Larry J. Pfeil (past board member), Mark R. Ciota

2nd row, left to right: Molly S. Lanke, Jeffrey M. Ettinger, Diane B. Baker, Steven T. Rizzi, Jeffrey L. Strickler

1st row, left to right: Gema Alvarado-Guerrero (past board member), Michelle M. King, Bonnie B. Rietz, Adenuga Atewologun

The Hormel Foundation Executive Committee

From left to right: Jeffrey M. Ettinger, Chair, Bonnie B. Rietz, Vice Chair, Steven T. Rizzi, Secretary and Roland G. Gentzler, Treasurer.

Jeffrey M. Ettinger, Chair
Former Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
Hormel Foods Corporation 
Director since 12/18/2006
Bonnie B. Rietz, Vice Chair
Former Mayor of the City of Austin
Vice Chair since 12/13/2011
Director since 4/22/2008
Roland G. Gentzler, Treasurer
Former Vice President of Finance and Treasurer
Hormel Foods Corporation
Treasurer since 06/30/2017
Director since 06/30/2017
Steven T. Rizzi, Jr., Secretary
Adams, Rizzi & Sween P.A.
Secretary since 12/9/1998
Director since 12/9/1998

Adenuga Atewologun, Ph.D.
President, Riverland Community College
Director Since 4/13/16
Diane B. Baker
Executive Director of the YMCA of Austin
Director since 6/18/2014
Mark R. Ciota, M.D.
Mayo Clinic Health Systems - Albert Lea and Austin
Director since 7/9/2012
Robert Clarke, Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.Biol., F.R.S.Chem., F.R.S.Med. (U.K.)*
Executive Director of The Hormel Institute
Director since 10/21/2020
Thomas J. Dankert
Finance Director for the City of Austin
Director since 12/11/2013
Jon W. Erichson
Former City Engineer / Public Works Director, City of Austin
Director since 6/1/2023
Nitaya C. Jandragholica
Cultural Liaison and Spanish Interpreter for Mower County
Director since 12/08/2021
Michelle M. King
Baudler, Maus, Forman & King, LLP
Director since 8/15/2018
Randall J. Kramer
Certified Financial Planner
Director since 12/09/2014
Molly S. Lanke
Executive Director, The United Way of Mower County
Director since 8/21/2019
Joey M-H Page, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Austin Public Schools
Director since 08/18/2021
Richard R. Pavek
Executive Director, Cedar Valley Services, Inc.
Director since 12/09/2014
Sara Y. Salas-Ramirez
Executive Director, Parenting Resource Center, Inc.
Director since 1/31/23
James P. Snee
Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
Hormel Foods Corporation
Director since 7/14/2018
Jeffrey L. Strickler
Commanding Officer, The Salvation Army of Austin
Director since 1/31/2019