Dedicated to the support of local organizations since 1941
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Our Mission and Community Tradition
Our Mission and Community Tradition
Our Mission and Community Tradition
Our Mission and Community Tradition
Our Mission and Community Tradition
Our Mission and Community Tradition
Our Mission and Community Tradition

The Hormel Foundation approved $14.7 million in grants as part of its annual contribution budget for 2022.

Relationship to the Hormel Foods Company

The Foundation was created to fulfill three primary responsibilities: preserve the independence of the Hormel Foods Corporation, support the Austin, MN community and area, provide for the financial welfare of family heirs for the duration established by family trusts. These responsibilities have been affirmed by the Supreme Court of Minnesota, and they have been fulfilled for over 80 years. The Foundation controls 46.8% of Hormel Foods’ stock and would vote against any proposal to purchase the Corporation.

Dedicated to the support of local organizations
since 1941

Continuing the legacy of George and Jay Hormel, The Hormel Foundation is proud to be a part of initiatives that will improve the quality of life in our community.

Austin Assurance Scholarship

In partnership with Riverland Community College, Austin Public Schools and Pacelli Catholic Schools, graduating students of Austin Public Schools and Pacelli Catholic Schools have the opportunity to obtain a two-year college degree from Riverland Community College starting in fall 2019, tuition-free.

Austin Community Rec Center

A Foundation grant of $25 million,  $5 million from Hormel Foods, $6.6 million from a public fundraising campaign and partnerships with the City of Austin and the YMCA, has made the Community Rec Center possible. The public has free access to parts of the new recreation center within an indoor playground, youth center and community gathering space.

Austin High School Annex and MacPhail Center for Music

In partnership with Austin Public Schools and Austin's MacPhail Center for music, renovations and the construction of a second story onto the annex of the high school houses both the high school music programs and Austin’s MacPhail Center for Music.

Austin Community Action Building

The Austin Community Action Building facility will integrate the Parenting Resource Center, the Michael H. Seibel Family Visitation & Exchange Center, the Welcome Center and the Children’s Dental Health Services into one building. The centralized services will maximize collaboration and resources to better serve the Austin community. The Austin Housing & Redevelopment Authority’s transfer of ownership of the land and a Hormel Foundation grant of $4.75 million made this multi-million-dollar expansion project possible.

KSMQ Public Service Media, Inc.

A new home in downtown Austin for KSMQ Public Broadcasting, Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa’s PBS station. The revolutionary new facility includes a conference room that local nonprofits can use for meetings and the station plans to host additional events such as concerts and community education. Funding for the project is being provided by KSMQ Public Service Media, Inc., the Hormel Foundation, the State of Minnesota, the City of Austin, and individual members of KSMQ Public Television.

The Hormel Foundation
Announces $21.1M in Grants for 2023 to 
to Benefit the Austin/Mower Communities
Board of Directors Approves Record Distribution, expanding funding for Austin Assurance College Scholarship and The Hormel Institute

Austin, Minn. (Nov. 17, 2022) - On Wednesday The Hormel Foundation board of directors approved record distributions of $21.1 million for nonprofit agencies in the Austin/Mower community for 2023.

“It is a great honor for the board of The Hormel Foundation to be able to distribute these funds to nonprofit organizations that benefit so many members of our community,” said Jeffrey M. Ettinger, chair of The Hormel Foundation.  “We can all be thankful to Hormel Foods’ employees for their dedicated effort, hard work and success in generating these funds.  We continue to benefit from the foresight of the founders of The Hormel Foundation who created a plan 81 years ago to ensure that our community would benefit throughout generations."

The Hormel Foundation’s grants advance the missions of nonprofit organizations in Austin and Mower County. Those organizations are Austin Area Foundation, Austin Community Charitable Fund, Austin Community Growth Ventures, Austin Community Scholarship Committee, Austin Public Schools, Cedar Valley Services, City of Austin, The Hormel Institute, Mayo Clinic Health Systems - Austin, Parenting Resource Center, Riverland Community College, Salvation Army, United Way of Mower County and the YMCA of Austin. 

The Austin Assurance Scholarship, a pioneering program started by The Hormel Foundation in 2019, received a significant grant to support the program for 2023. This program provides scholarships for Austin Public Schools and Pacelli High School students to use at Riverland Community College in Austin, Albert Lea or Owatonna. To qualify, students must meet certain requirements, including academic goals and volunteer service in the community.

As part of the overall distribution, a record grant was directed to The Hormel Institute. Now in its 80th year and started by The Hormel Foundation in 1942, The Hormel Institute cancer and biomedical research center is the major recipient of foundation distributions. The Hormel Foundation supported major expansions developing the state-of-the-art research center in 1960, 2008 and 2016.

To qualify for a Foundation grant your organization:

- Must be located in and/or directly affect the Austin, Minnesota area.

- Must be ruled tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service and must be operated for charitable, educational or scientific purposes.

- Individuals do not qualify for Foundation grant funds.

General Grant and Giving Information

- The bulk of the assets that were contributed to establish The Hormel Foundation bore restrictions that permit grants only to organizations in the Austin and/or Mower County area.

- Grants are made only to organizations ruled tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service and no grants are made to individuals. Recipient organizations must be operated for charitable, educational or scientific purposes with no part of their funds benefit any private shareholder or individual.

- The Foundation prefers to participate with other donors.

- No grants are made to support projects which attempt to influence legislation or to organizations whose activities are substantially in the area of promoting or publicizing a particular cause or view in an attempt to influence legislation.